My husband Larry and I started scuba diving on our honeymoon.  We were on a Caribbean cruise that stopped in St. Thomas.  A dive shop there offered a "discovery dive," where they basically strap the gear on you and toss you into shallow ocean.  We loved it enough to take the certification course.

Now, I'm not your typical diver.  I'm too pale to be in the sun, I get seasick easily and I'm not a strong swimmer.  But I love to dive--in warm ocean water.  I want to see cool fish and coral.  Our favorite dive locations include: the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize.  We have done several liveaboard dive trips and are particularly fond of the Aggressor fleet..

Early on, we bought a Sea & Sea Motormarine II underwater camera.  I didn't think I'd like taking pictures underwater, but I admit now, I hog the camera.  Getting a great shot is as much fun to me as seeing the critters.

Here are some of my favorites:

I took this photo of a loggerhead turtle in West Caicos.  I had the macro lens (closeup lens) on the Motomarine II when the boat captain pointed the turtle out to me. Fortunately, you can remove the specialty lenses underwater on a Motomarine II, since they screw onto the 35 mm lens.  This fellow was just loafing, so I had time to take off the macro lens, adjust the strobe, focal distance and f-stop.

When I first saw this jellyfish, I thought it was a plastic bag.  We were at the end of a dive and I was lucky to have three shots left on my roll (I know--film, how quaint).  I kept drifting toward its tentacles while I was lining up the photo.  When you have a camera in your hand, your I.Q. drops about fifty points.

Here's a classic example of I.Q. drop.  Actually this photo was taken on a shark feeding dive in Roatan.  I highly recommend trying a shark feeding dive.   It's a rush.  We had about twenty sharks, ranging between four and eight feet long, circling around us while someone in a chain mail suit fed them fish.

Larry and I have now switched to a digital underwater camera.  Here are two photos we took on our first trip.  The zoom lens rocks! Wish I had that on my GoPro.

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