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In a war between goddesses, can one woman's choices really make a difference?
For Jhett, a young healer with a deadly past, the goddess Leshan’s temple is a prison that she’s promised, on pain of death, never to leave. But when her actions endanger her former lover, Tarik, Jhett embarks on a perilous journey across the southern desert to save him. Pursued by assassins and warrior-priests, she learns the stakes are much higher than Tarik’s life. Leshan and the dark goddess, Selure, have sent their dragons to battle each other, and Jhett’s choices will determine the outcome–and the fate of her people.
Blood Songs, is available from Yard Dog Press's new imprint, The Fantasy Writers Asylum and Amazon, with a fantastic Kevin Hopkins cover. 

Being a dragon queen's bard comes with a bundle of strings attached.
In a dragon’s view, something is either truthful or a lie; they have no concept of fiction. Through a centuries-old misunderstanding, dragons are convinced that bardic tales are history, and the scholar's guild and bard's guild have agreed never to reveal this mistake to their dragon overlords. Unfortunately, Bard Deverel becomes caught in his own web of invented “histories” when the dragon queen he serves decides she must possess the magical black heart stone from Deverel’s tale. Queen Lin Lien sends him and her favorite dragon lord on a quest to recover the nonexistent stone. Deverel's travels carry him across the entire continent of Rothra and lead to startling revelations about himself, his family and the true nature of magic--and dragons. But how can he return home when the very item he was sent to retrieve doesn't exist? Tale of the Black Heart is now available, with an awesome Mitchell Bentley cover,  from Yard Dog Press and Amazon.

Trapped in a world of magic and monsters!

While playing with a book of spells, Skyla, Theo, Jackie, Alyssa and Marcus accidentally transport themselves to the magical world of Corimar. The locals consider them adults, which sounds exciting
until they realize they must pay for food and shelter with hard labor. Too bad Skyla and her friends are all prone to the usual—and some unusual—problems and misjudgments of youth. Skyla, who is bipolar and without meds, must fight the erratic behavior spawned by her mood swings.  Aspiring country singer Alyssa discovers she has uncontrolled bardic magic, which she must harness or the Bards Guild will sever her vocal cords.  Theo’s rigid honesty leads him to make a bargain with the elves that may strand his friends in Corimar forever.

A monstrous plot! When Theomata Hunt left his friends from Earth to go live with the elves, he thought he’d be leading a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Wrong! A new danger threatens the village—abominations of nature, chimeras composed of several animals blended together by Mordian’s evil magic. When Theo undergoes “the Trial,” an elven ritual where he must find his totem animal or be exiled, a chimera appears to him. Could this horror be his totem animal? Even the wisest elves don’t know what that would mean, except that it’s trouble. Up to now, Mordian has left the elves in relative peace. But when Theo’s Earth friend Skyla arrives on a mission to catalogue Mordian’s hideous creations, she and Theo discover that Mordian plans to experiment with elves the way he has with humans, dwarves and goblins. When the investigation leads them on a perilous journey into Mordian’s fortress, they find they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Spirit Poles is now available in print at Yard Dog Press and in print and Kindle formats at Amazon.

A World Descending into Chaos!

When Skyla, Theo and Jackie return to Five Bridges to reunite with Alyssa and Gena, they find the city in turmoil. People fight in the streets, and murder has become commonplace. Could this
be the growing chaos their friend Marcus warned them was coming to Corimar?

The elves sent Theo to be their ambassador to the human king and queen to seek an alliance against the sinister Mordian, who has been blending humans and elves with animals to make an army of monsters. But the king is acting strangely and shows no interest in the dangers Mordian and his creatures pose to his subjects. Then someone tries to kill Wizard Bernaugh at Theo’s welcome banquet, leaving the wizard poisoned and in a coma. Are the murder attempt and the king’s strange actions a coincidence, or is a traitor playing a deadly game at court?The five friends are on their own to seek a cure for Bernie. They must also solve the mystery of the king’s bizarre behavior so an alliance can be formed to save both humans and elves from Mordian’s insane plans, before it’s too late.

Traitor's Game
is now available in print at Yard Dog Press and in print and Kindle formats at Amazon.

“It's like you’re two different people, Mr. Knight. One of you is a brilliant young man with a bright future, and the other is a slacker with no greater designs for his life than to see how badly he can fail. … You need to decide which of those people you will be."

College student Corbin Knight uses video games to escape a childhood mistake that destroyed his family. Then his past resurfaces when an elf called Shadow returns with an ultimatum for his Beholden: honor your oath or die. Under the Truman-Aelfking Accord, a pact between elf and Beholden, even a minor, is perfectly legal. Before Corbin can complete his task, he runs, literally, into Subtle Jewel. The shape-shifting dragon is on the run from a secret military laboratory. Her experiences there have left her with anger-management issues and a deep-rooted hatred for humans. Out of desperation, Corbin and Subtle Jewel form a shaky alliance as they unearth dangerous secrets–secrets that both the human and faerie governments will kill to protect. Corbin and Subtle Jewel must rise above their troubled pasts and work together to stop a potential war between the realms. Or will their personal demons destroy them both and the worlds they love?

Chaos Heir: Beholden is available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle formats. The
beautiful cover art is by Brad W. Foster.

In The Battle Between Darkness and Light, Justice Must Be Served!

Karro, a world-weary Knight, has served the True God as an instrument of Justice for three hundred years. His new quarry is Voskov, a dangerous sorcerer with a mysterious book of evil spells. Although Duke Voskov’s attempted coup against the emperor fails, he stumbles upon new allies―necromancers with an easily replenished army of undead soldiers and other ancient evils. Karro must challenge Voskov and soon, before the sorcerer and his allies solidify their power and destroy all that the Knight holds dear.

Death's Paladin is available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle formats. The amazing cover is by Mitchell Bentley of Atomic Fly Studios.

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