I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and lived in a trailer until age five (yes, I am trailer trash and proud of it!)  We moved across the state line to Overland Park, Kansas, where I attended grade school at John Deimer,
I'm second from the left in the back

Lack of coordination finished my cheerleading career
junior high at Nallwood--where I actually was a (crappy) cheerleader (I'm front row, far left and yes, they misspelled my name on my megaphone patch)--

and senior high at Shawnee Mission South.  Throughout my youth, I was active in choir both at school and at Cure of Ars Catholic Church.  I also played (mediocre) guitar for the folk mass.  I've worked at a taco restaurant, security for J.C. Penney, and was a typist for a veterinary magazine in college.

Here is the one and only photo of me in a bikini, taken in 1981, with my dad Vacil, my sister Vicky and my mom Carla.  Yes, I thought I was fat.  Little did I know . . . .                                                                                                                         

I attended law school at Tulane Unversity in New Orleans (talk about culture shock).  There I met and married Larry Mandala, who freely admits he'd have never graduated if I hadn't made him study.

Shyness (yes, really!) has been a constant problem for me, and while I wouldn't say I've totally overcome it,, I've certainly overcompensated for it.                     Conestoga Barbarian Show, with Linda DonahuePixies Gone Wild
ConDFW Vampire Show

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