The Anthology From Hell:  Humorous Tales From WAY Down Under

Table of Contents


Introduction: What the Hell is This?
    by Julia S. Mandala    

Hell for Leather (whipping up business at the Nice 'n Knotty adult store)
    by Lawrence Watt-Evans   

Hell to Pay (the true wages of sin)
    by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre   

What the Hell?! (a downtrodden woman meets her maker)
    by Selena Rosen    

One Hell of a Woman (the Antichrist takes his bride to meet Dad)
    by J. Simon    

Unleashing the Flyers of L (investigating the cult of Prop. L)
    by Patrick Weekes    

Dance with the Devil (the road to Hell starts at the prom)
    by Esther M. Friesner    

To Hell with This (the real story of Lucifer's fall)
    by Jerry D. Knowles II    

Hell on Quaoar (a NASA surveyor makes a startling discovery in the Oort Belt)
    by Robert Sheckley   

Snowball's Chance in Hell (Satan has a bad hare day)
    by Linda L. Donahue    

One Helluva Job (the Grim Reaper suffers from labor problems)
    by John Dixon   

Rot in Hell: A Love Story (love blooms in the strangest places)
    by Lisa Mantchev    

Hell's Angels (a demon investigates the truth about reality TV)
    by Paul Crilley    

A Hell of a Guy: Stanley the Eighteen Percenter (an agent wangles deals with the Devil for his clients)
    by Mike Resnick    

Harry Truman in Hell (Truman and MacArthur face off one last time)
    by Eliot Fintushel    

Hell in a Handbasket (cooking up trouble in Hell's kitchen)
    by Glenn R. Sixbury    

Doorway to Hell (Satan hires a locksmith)
    by John Moore    

A Hell of a Note (an unusual musician summons the Devil to a crossroads)
    by Melanie Fletcher    

Raise a Little Hell (raising the Antichrist isn't easy)
    by Karen Danylak    

A Hell of a Deal: Apogee (a deal with the Devil works too well)
    by Spider Robinson    

A Slow Day in Hell (an imp must break an optimist's spirit)
    by Julia S. Mandala    

Hell's Belles (a con man meets his match)
    by Katherine A. Turski    

One Helluva Reward (a religious loophole puts Heaven and Hell in a bind)
    by Christopher Donahue    

Come Hell or High Water (all Hell breaks loose in the Old West)
    by Jeffrey Turner    

Catching Hell (get your vaccinations now)
    by Christopher Welch    

Hell Hole (a game of golf takes on really high stakes)
    by Marie Loughin    

Half of Heaven and the Whole of Hell (Mark Twain matches wits with Old Scratch)
    by Clyde Miller      

Hell Bound (Why would the Devil ever lose a bet?)
    by Mike Resnick     

The Dick From Hell (A demon detective battles the Elder Gods)
    by F.P. Bahr    

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